About Dr.Sweid


Dr. Stephen M. Sweid

WHO I AM: I am a seasoned freelance business and management consultant, strategist, trainer and coach for strategy, innovation, start-up, international market studies, and marketing. I work with organizations and with individuals. I work individually, or together with my associate consultants and trainers, depending on the scope of project. I am international throughout and hence I provide the needed new perspectives with my business acumen. I am a British citizen, multicultural and multilingual:  4 languages: English, Arabic, German and French. I am currently fluctuating between Dubai (UAE) and London.

EXPERIENCE: I have over 25 years consulting, training and research experience on the international scene, including Europe, USA, Middle East and Far East, covering a wide spectrum of industries, hi-tech and traditional, private and government sectors. I also worked for many years in R&D in high-tech industries in the West, including government research projects in the USA, and the UK, e.g. developing leading edge semiconductors, thermal imaging and IR Laser technologies. I spent many years working in consulting in Europe and conducted a number of worldwide technology and market studies, including worldwide multi-client studies.  I was involved in strategy for some 25 years, for SMEs, multinationals but also governments. I managed successfully and in a timely manner hundreds of complex consulting and research projects, including large investment projects, high tech and traditional industries, and worldwide scope. Heavy involvement in R&D, manufacturing and services, B2B, capacity building and Middle East.

A VERY RECENT ACTIVITY IN 2017: I recently made a presentation at Richmond Consulting Group in London on the One-Day Consulting Scheme.

PUBLISHING: I published in the course of my career many specialized and innovative business and management guides, and still publish regularly, including articles in leading journals.

PARTIES SERVED: I have involved as expert consultant, researcher and trainer in numerous development projects of international donor organizations, such as UNDP, UNIDO, World Bank, and European Commission in different countries, e.g. I worked closely with the European Investment Bank EIB in the Middle East. Moreover, I provided international consulting work in the combination of business and technology strategies to multinationals, such as Siemens, IBM, Nikon and Toshiba, including multinationals in the UAE. I assisted many SMEs in different countries. I have also involved in many projects with NGOs, e.g. for boosting entrepreneurship and innovation.

COUNTRIES: I am a globetrotter and have resided and worked in many countries, including Austria, UK, USA, Canada, Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, with extensive travel and visits of many other countries West and East for consulting and research. I am very familiar with the social and economic settings in the UK and the UAE, indeed London and Dubai, having lived and worked there for many years and continue to do so. I am currently fluctuating between Dubai (UAE) and London.

MY TRAINING ACTIVITY: I have over 15 years’ experience in training, and train only in disciplines where I have extensive experience. I have trained in the last few years hundreds of entrepreneurs to launch their startup projects, including management skills, preparation of business plans and business models, but indeed development of business concept into WOW.

I have provided training to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai government employees, but also other Gulf countries.  I trained and coached hundreds of managers in different countries and in many industries. I have provided training to hundreds of multinationals, SME’s and international organizations in many countries, including training of staff of EU and UN  development programs, and staff of government and NGOs, and  top managers of SMEs, but also business consultants, in a range of soft and hard skills.

AFFILIATIONS: I am internationally certified in consulting and training (CMC/ ICMCI, Accredited European trainer VQSET. and other. On the roster of EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) in the UK. Also member of Richmond consulting Group based in London too:


Member of the Strategic Planning Society Group SPS (UK). Also on the roster of UNIDO experts in Vienna.  I am member of different professional associations in Europe and the Middle East for management, strategic planning, marketing and innovation, including European-Mediterranean societies.  I am aware of the up-to-date developments in the innovation field in the world, and collaborate with other known companies in the innovation field. I am in constant liaison with international and European creativity and innovation associations.

EDUCATION: I am educated to Ph.D. level in semiconductor physics, university of Vienna, Austria, but have also many advanced certifications in business and management from UN and EU organizations.