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My online products on Flevy and Amazon, including the Pentacle of Breakthrough Strategy and Mindsets for a Quantum Leap strategy, make a great warming up prior to a strategy formulation process. They are in the form of guides, with a lot of graphics and metaphors, very easy to use, and produced with a lot of heart.

My Products Are Available for Download here:
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The Following Products Are Available:

Starttrek: Questions Inspiring Startup Ideas   20$


  1. You can type in your replies directly.
  2. Every question is a high impact stimulant and can lead to a startup idea.
  3. All the questions emanate from components of startup success, as based on extensive research and experience.


Breakthrough Strategy Stimulating Questions    30$


1- It stimulates your creative and strategic thinking in the direction of breakthrough change and quantum leaps, and puts you in the right mindset for strategic thinking.
2- It helps establish the scope of research you need to conduct in connection with strategic planning, be it internal or external.
3- You can write your tentative answers directly in electronic form or on paper, hence a record can be kept of the answers for extra stimulation and benefit.


Formulating a Breakthrough Strategy     30$

1- You can be assured you will reach the highest levels in quantum leap strategies to embark on the most challenging journey
2- It will definitely put you and your team in the ideal MINDSET for formulating a breakthrough strategy
3- You will encounter very novel but tried formulation and forecasting methodologies, securing a real competitive edge


Success Is System, Failure Is Component       30$

1- Success and failure of organizations and individuals are demystified with this guide, with connection to entropy
2- You will discover the two main secrets of success, i.e. coupling and combination, which are essential for high level strategic thinking
3- The novel concepts are essential for sustainability


The Pentacle of Breakthrough Strategy: Discount Pack      50$

1- You rise to much HIGHER levels of strategy in innovation and transformation, and you acquire real competitive edge through the comprehensive coverage and novel approaches.
2- You SAVE a lot of time and effort in the preparation for the strategy formulation process.
3- You and your team members are put in the ideal MINDSET to tackle breakthrough strategy.


Research for Breakthrough Strategy: The Quest      30$

1- Discover the LEADING EDGE research for strategy
2- LIFT your strategy to much higher and more sophisticated levels with this research
3- SAVE a lot in preparation time for research and strategy formulation.
4- You and your team will get into the right MINDSET for this type of research
5- SAVE a lot of time in the actual implementation of the needed research
6- Loaded with NOVEL but tried approaches, hence maximum competitive advantage
7- You will have optimum COORDINATION between the research and formulation processes.


Mindsets for Breakthrough Strategy: Made Visual     30$

1- ALL mindsets needed for you and your strategy team are well covered with effective metaphor and visuals
2- Makes it easy to grasp, associate, recall, ignite and practice a specific mindset, and to project it unto your business
3- Embracing and projecting the mindsets will definitely make a BIG difference to your strategic outcome


Multicultural Synergy on the Operational Level of Cultures      30$

1- Incorporates a novel and very effective structured tool for boosting multicultural harmony and synergy in organizations and countries.
2- Practical and easily digestible with ample graphics targeted at heads of HR in businesses and heads of migration and integration departments
3- Includes practical and effective tips and measures for harmony and synergy with 94 slides


Master Cutting Edge Techniques in Creative Thinking and Innovation: A practical guide

100+ high impact techniques with visuals. Many case studies like Google, Apple, IKEA, M&S, Zara, Tchibo, Daiso


How Best To Set Foot, Find Work and Integrate In A New Country

For all ages, 18 to 60+, of all professions, genders, races, expats, immigrants, refugees, visitors, and students, and all countries


Mindsets for a Quantum Leap Strategy

Some 30 Distinguished Mindsets Create High Caliber Strategy. Know Them And Embrace Them. Visuals Make It Easy To Learn and To Practice


Stay Young; Age is Just A Number

Novel and Proven Total Makeover Techniques For Extending Corporate Shelf-Life after 50 and 60. Joint publication with John Gelmini.