1. STRATEGY: Strategic directions, strategic planning, and indeed formulating a breakthrough strategy (Quantum Leap Strategy), including business plan, Balanced Scorecard strategic map, Blue Ocean and other. Of interest is the strategy warming up session
    2. CREATIVE THINKING: Advanced business creative thinking techniques for your management, all levels, including creative strategic thinking
    3. INNOVATION: Advanced innovation in your organization: Cinnosys. To become a super innovative organization similar Google and Apple.
    4. START-UP LAUNCH: I work with you to develop your concept and launch your sophisticated startup project, small or large, into the exponential zone of success
    5. ALL ABOUT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND COLLABORATION: Global marketing and global strategic partnerships, export orientation and other.


I deliver my impact through:

  1. Training
  2. Coaching and mentoring
  3. Consulting (Can include strategic market research)
  4. Online published guides (I publish regularly highly specialized and innovative business and management guides) .

I am multilingual and deliver my services in English and Arabic, and I regularly provide joint work together with my associates.

I act as sounding board. I engage in a creative manner and with heart with your strong points, aspirations and restrictions to make the most of the open possibilities.



“When you touch need you touch success. It Is About The WHY And Not The WHAT.

As with everything else, there is a wide spectrum of possible outcomes from a strategy formulation process, and it is mainly about ideas at this stage: Starting from the wrong strategy, going to boring stuff, only incremental and static, and ending up with the WOW quantum leap at the other extreme!

 Sweid Spectrum

Pushing for more sophistication is achieved by looking at the many possibilities, pushing your limits, applying creative thinking, intensive research, having inputs from external parties,  and synergy: 1+1=10…

You need to transform yourself and your strategy team before embarking on a strategy formulation exercise. In essence, you have to come up with many great strategic options and scenarios for your business in the next 3 to 5 years, and select the best. Obviously, you need to test the success formula in the market prior to

This 5 min video intro to breakthrough strategy taken in different locations in London in 2017 gives you an idea about my approach and aims at inspiring you to quantum leap:


breakthrough strategy

Breakthrough strategy is about a quantum leap change in your business, with big, radical and innovative transformation, even on the DNA of the business, its core competencies. It is all about sophistication and peak performance. Breakthrough strategy has become a must in our era of disruptive innovations and extra rapid changes.

Formulating a breakthrough strategy is a treasure hunt adventure, a search for hidden paradises. There are million paradises and treasures we do not know about.  It is about extreme differentiation, standing out, and blue ocean marketing. It is NOT about the size of undertaking, but is mainly about a sophisticated success combination = Formula = Value proposition. It is about the ideal coupling with future environments, best fit. It is about realizing your full potential. It is about making a strong impact on your environment, making a big difference

It is crucial to note that implementing a quantum leap strategy does not have to be more costly than the incremental approach, and indeed it is much more feasible

You need to transform yourself and your strategy team before embarking on a strategy formulation exercise. You need to prepare different tools and mindsets. The right mindsets should be in place in the team. Mindsets are essential when talking about sophistication and peak performance.

Formulating breakthrough strategy needs the right amount of time. You cannot reach a WOW outcome in a few days’ time or even in a week or two of strategizing:

Formulating Breakthrough Strategy And The Making Of The Damascene Sword :



The Critical Lead Time to Eruption in Brainstorming Sessions


My Methodology for start-ups:

Tips to Achieve an Innovative and Differentiated Startup Project:



I provide coaching, one to one or to a group. I provide one day training / workshop, but also five days courses. I train and coach with equal proficiency, in English and Arabic, including technical terms.

Training Beating DNA



I have refined my research methodology to a high degree of effectiveness. This methodology includes: 

  • A creative solution is usually pursued right at the start, seeking a “Quantum Leap” effect in research and solutions.
  • A comprehensive coverage is performed addressing all market and company internal factors influencing project success.
  • Right from the start of research, a parallel approach (System approach) is applied every time, i.e. researching different aspects simultaneously, with the aim of ascertaining coherence of parameters and seeing the big picture constantly.
  • Multiple sources of information are used every time to ensure timeliness and full reliability of data found. Ongoing verification of every key finding is applied.
  • All possible means of research and interviews are used, primary & secondary, Qual. & Quant., including direct visits, telephone inquiries, questionnaires, email, internet search, printed material etc.
  • For every project most suitable experts in the specific industry are carefully selected.
  • Analysis of data is performed on the highest level, taking into consideration new development and all possible market and project scenarios in the forecast, striving towards a realistic but strategic prediction. Financial analysis is also comprehensive in the feasibility study or business plans, covering balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow statements for a span of 3 – 5 years. Creative business models with equal emphasis on innovative products are pursued.