My training and coaching cover a number of advanced soft and hard skills. I trained and coached hundreds of managers. I introduce new training courses every year. I provide coaching, one to one or to a group. The following listing is representative of my training courses.


1 – 5 days, In English and Arabic


Hard Skills

Warming Up Coaching Prior To Strategy Formulation. Make your strategy much more sophisticated, and a quantum leap: Warming up and energizing in anticipation of the process of strategy formulation or making strategic decisions in your company. Aim is to get minds and hearts in place in your team and early on. Once in place you can come up with a much more sophisticated success formula, this in terms of higher quality and indeed breakthrough and quantum leap.

Mindsets for Breakthrough Strategy: Some 30 Distinguished Mindsets Create High Caliber Strategy. Know Them And Embrace Them. Visuals Make It Easy To Learn and To Practice

Advanced Creative Thinking and Innovation At Work & in Business: Creativity Techniques For Generating New Ideas, Decision Making, Problem Solving And Developing New Product Ideas. Some 50 proven techniques, with Organizational Innovation: Many case studies. Crème of the crème.

Formulating a Breakthrough Strategy (Strategic Plan) for Quantum Leap Change and Success:  Change direction for tangible differentiation and Competitive Advantage.

Successful Business Start-up (SMEs) (Hi Tech, Manufacturing and services): with Market Research, Business Plan, & Success Factors (Can be 8 days)

Quantum Leap To Innovation: Transform Into A World Class Innovative Organization. CINNOSYS The Change Process: Eight Concrete steps you must take to turn your firm into an innovation driven firm. (For medium and large firms only)

Thinking Strategically For Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Managers

Creative Thinking for Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Market Research for SME Start-up and Business Plan.

Advanced Market Research Skills: Market Research, market surveys  And Market Studies

International Market Research and studies

Developing Innovative Marketing Strategy And Marketing Plan 

International Marketing / Exports: Going global

Preparing A World Class Business Plan for new projects or expansions and for raising funds

Conducting Feasibility Studies for new projects.

Concept Development Of start-up Projects: for tangible differentiation and WOW Effect and blue ocean

Developing Unique New Products And Services

Creative Strategic Planning & Management

Balanced Scorecard strategic Planning

"Golden Five-Point Star Global Business Skills Course" covering 5 key disciplines: 1 – Planning 2 – Research: Information gathering 3 – Creative thinking and Innovation  4 -  Teamwork & Partnership 5 – Organization and management


Effective training.

Top Level Business Writing For Highest Impact


Soft Skills

How to be successful In your Job or small Business, and how to be the best


Prioritizing And Time Management For Managers

Assertiveness Skills.

Leadership skills

Teamwork skills and Synergy Courses: Team building, team leadership, synergy etc.