Methodology For Market Research And Studies

I have refined my research methodology to a high degree of effectiveness. This methodology includes: 

  • A creative solution is usually pursued right at the start, seeking a “Quantum Leap” effect in research and solutions.
  • A comprehensive coverage is performed addressing all market and company internal factors influencing project success.
  • Right from the start of research, a parallel approach (System approach) is applied every time, i.e. researching different aspects simultaneously, with the aim of ascertaining coherence of parameters and seeing the big picture constantly.
  • Multiple sources of information are used every time to ensure timeliness and full reliability of data found. Ongoing verification of every key finding is applied.
  • All possible means of research and interviews are used, primary & secondary, Qual. & Quant., including direct visits, telephone inquiries, questionnaires, email, internet search, printed material etc.
  • For every project most suitable experts in the specific industry are carefully selected.
  • Analysis of data is performed on the highest level, taking into consideration new development and all possible market and project scenarios in the forecast, striving towards a realistic but strategic prediction. Financial analysis is also comprehensive in the feasibility study or business plans, covering balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow statements for a span of 3 – 5 years. Creative business models with equal emphasis on innovative products are pursued.