Definition of Success and Luck



Success happens when you can strike a healthy coupling with a specific environment. The environment can be a job, a market, or a place etc. It is about you and the environment you are targeting, and how you interact with it.
























Best performance and success are relative notions, depending on the nature of environment and challenge, i.e. what is to be achieved or nature of job. What works for one environment does not necessarily work for another. Good performance or success is not just about you, but how you relate to the world and its needs. You can be very successful in a given situation, but you might fail totally in a different situation.








Attaining best performance and success is not dependent on one thing.


Success only occurs when different things come together in a specific combination, i.e. in a given order and balance, which is a lower probability state than chaos, entropy thing. Order is a rare event within chaos; this is why failure is more probable than success. Best performance and Success of persons or companies happens only when a combination of things and events is fulfilled.


Success is a combination of internal and external integrated elements. It is a SYSTEM at play. In general, we are talking usually about some ten to twenty different success factors that have to be combined in the right way to match the specific environment. This applies to individuals and organizations.


Success is a systemic (Holistic) process. It is a comprehensive combination.


The different components of a success system are integrated (interdependent) in a specific balance. If one component is weak or absent, the whole system gets out of balance and can break down.





























Succeeding is a systemic matter; you have to give the comprehensive combination to be the best and succeed. It is not about working on one thing or another; it is about working in parallel on different things in the right balance. You have to give the full combination to succeed.







Example: The Personal Success Combination (system)


1 - Your real assets (What you are or offering):

Ø  Thinking skills

Ø  Skills and knowledge

Ø  Personality traits

Ø  Other powers, products and tools


2 - Suitable capability for Interaction with environment

Ø  Interpersonal skills

Ø  Circumstances that bring you together with people (intermediary, chance, search etc.)

Ø  Motion, communication


3 - The suitable environment

Ø  The right people needing you (right customers, market)

Ø  Money is available to pay you

Ø  The right project or work.

Ø  The right place


4 - Suitable Timing

Ø  The right time (You are OK, You can deliver)







  1. You should figure out the composition of the success system for the specific project or involvement and environment: What are the needed components and their Balance? What combinations are needed to succeed in your work or project?


  1. Try and make available such components in an integrated holistic manner: As a comprehensive SYSTEM


  1. Be prepared first, and then give it all.


Note: if one component is missing or defective you will not succeed!










































WHEN YOU CAN BE LUCKY: If only a small number of factors is missing in your success system, then coincidence (Luck) might be able to combine them in the right order and simultaneously. For instance everything is ready except for the customer and money. With some effort, luck (fate) might be able to bring together these two factors to make a breakthrough; for instance someone decides to finance your operation and refers you to a customer.  Then you say you were lucky.  You can say you were able to push your luck.


WHEN LUCK CANNOT HELP: On the other hand, if too many factors are missing in you success system, then luck will not be able to help you! It will be very difficult for luck to combine too many things in the right order and concurrently! This event is most unlikely as a coincidence. You can wait for luck for ever but it won't happen and you will not make it.  You can blame luck for ever! You need to work systematically and with a lot of effort to create the comprehensive combination first, and then you might rely on luck for the last push.