Training Courses


( 2 – 5 days, In English and Arabic)


1.    CINNOSYS The Change Process: How To Transform Your Organization Into World Class Innovative Entity. Eight Concrete steps you must take to turn your firm into an innovation driven firm. (For medium and large firms only)


2.    Creativity at work: Creativity techniques for Decision Making, Problem Solving and developing new product ideas.


3.    New Product Development for improved competitiveness.


4.    Strategic Planning and Strategic Management (Managing Change)

5.    Preparing marketing strategy and plan

6.    Preparing a Comprehensive and professional Business plan

7.    Conducting feasibility Studies.

8.    Balanced Scorecard strategic Planning


9.    Market Research Skills: Market Research and Market studies

10.  International Market Research and studies

11.  International Marketing / Exports

12.  How to Outperform  the International Competitors in the Local and International Markets



13.  "Golden Five-Point Star Global Business Skills Course" covering 5 key disciplines: To provide delegates with a very powerful mix of professional and organizational skills that are essential for surviving and competing in the business globalization era, including: 1 – Planning 2 – Research: Information gathering 3 – Creative thinking and Innovation  4 -  Teamwork & Partnership 5 – Organization and management


14.  "Supervision skills ": Time management + Planning + Research + Problem solving + decision making + Creativity + Communication + Presentation + Meeting + Writing + Assertiveness + Conflict resolution + Delegation + Leadership + Team building + HR & Performance Management


15.  Planning Skills

16.  Time management

17.  Effective presentations.

18.  Effective business writing.

19.  How to be the best in your profession and push your luck

20.  Searching for job opportunities locally and internationally