Dr. Sweid boasts over 15 years experience in international market research and has refined his research methodology to a high degree of effectiveness. This methodology includes:

·         A creative solution is usually pursued right at the start, seeking a “Quantum Leap” effect in research and solutions.

·         A comprehensive coverage is performed addressing all market and company internal factors influencing project success.

·         Right from the start of research, a parallel approach (System approach) is applied every time, i.e. researching different aspects simultaneously, with the aim of ascertaining coherence of parameters and seeing the big picture constantly.

·         Multiple sources of information are used every time to ensure timeliness and full reliability of data found. Ongoing verification of every key finding is applied.

·         All possible means of research and interviews are used, primary & secondary, Qual. & Quant., including direct visits, telephone inquiries, questionnaires, email, internet search, printed material etc.

·         For every project most suitable experts in the specific industry are carefully selected.

·         Analysis of data is performed on the highest level, taking into consideration new development and all possible market and project scenarios in the forecast, striving towards a realistic but strategic prediction. Financial analysis is also comprehensive in the feasibility study or business plans, covering balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow statements for a span of years. Creative business models with equal emphasis on innovative products are pursued.







Dr Sweid's Research and consulting work is of high caliber, this on the international professional standard. You will be assured of an exceptional research and consulting team, top quality market research and studies, and on time delivery. The innumerable recommendation letters and certificates are testimony to this pledge.

Research and consulting work performed by Dr Sweid and his team stand out in the comprehensive nature of coverage, irrespective of the industry, size, scope and complexity of the project, and irrespective of technological aspects involved.  With some 20 years in the consulting business Dr. Sweid is confident to manage any research or consulting project successfully. In addition to the international experience, Dr. Sweid has many years consulting experience in the Middle East , including Syria.

Whether dealing with research or consulting work you will be assured with Dr. Sweid of highly CREATIVE solutions to benefit your business.

Also distinction in strategic planning and management, with a very creative input in situation appraisal and formulation of objectives and strategies, including Balanced Scorecard system, and organizational innovation “CINNOSYS”.